Not seeing sponsored impressions

  • Hey Maca.. I am not sure why, but i've opened and closed a3L about 50 times in the last 2 days to see if its showing up as sponsored, and not seeing it.. I also am not able to log into this site with steam.. throws an error, so my login to the A3L where i paid is different.

    alt text

    Server is "AWG", shown favorited there.

    alt text

    There is a shot of the acct..

    also when logging into support.launcher.. here is the steam error:
    alt text


    Also.. that prefetch feature is Money!!

  • administrators

    Server is getting impressions, not sure why they are not appearing, I will try and fix it asap. The server is on 9.5k impressions.
    I will look at the steam login, although it is working for me...

    And im happy you like the mission prefetch. :)

  • hey just wanted to check back in on this.. I haven't been able to see it ever in sponsored section.. I wouldn't bother you on this had I not previously sponsored other servers, many times, and was able to yield entirely different results. Thanks for taking a look!

  • @maca134 just saw it.. so if anything was tweaked it worked.. if not.. then i am just realllly unlucky. :)