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  • Hi there, I had to change the IP of my server, the old one still shows up but with a ping of 9999,, is there anyway to delete that one? also i payed to promote the server on the old IP will my new IP still; be promoted?
    New IP/Port :
    Old IP?Port :

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    Servers will be automatically removed from the launcher after a period of time after they go down (a good few hours IIRC).
    In regards to moving your sponsored listing over to the new server you will have to claim the new one in A3Launcher (login at the top right and then click my servers) from there you should be able to then use the Change IP button in the payments tab, I haven't tried this yet so it may not work exactly as I'm explaining but it will all depend on how @maca134 has setup the claimed and sponsored listing setup.

  • Iv'e changed the IP on the sponsor available but the one i payed for at the weekend isn't showing up, Its only showing the sponsor i payed for about a month ago, that expires in 4 day's, I never claimed any servers i sponsored because i never actually knew you could do this. Will my sponsor that i payed for at the weekend show up eventually or not? Thank's

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    @ScotsGuard The sponsor should show up in a few minutes/hours after "purchasing" it, there could be a problem that @maca134 will have to check out :)