kerama islands-unknown mods 25.11.2016

  • Oh snap! unknown mods - Kerama Islands

    Tkhe administration BITs music we understand kuestion? ignored? sorry for my English)

    -mod = @ Exile; @CUP_Weapons; @CUP_Vehicles; @CUP_Units; @CBA; @rayanzombes; @Kerama;
    -mod = @ Exile @ CUP_Weapons; @CUP_Vehicles; @CUP_Units; @CBA; @rayanzombes;
    -mod = @ Exile; @Kerama; @CUP_Weapons; @CUP_Vehicles; @CUP_Units; @ CBA @ Kerama ; @ rayanzombes;
    -mod = @ Exile; @Kerama;
    else slse else else

    p.s I have already created when the topic for Australia map - rename name = "Australia V5.01"; to name = "Australia"; (SERVER\A3\ @australia\mod.cpp)

    kurrentli Version Nameh = "Austral V5.06";----Oh snap! unknown mods - Australia V5.06 .....---25.11.2016.... renamed australia.....Yay! Server added successfully)) possible problem is that the authors are signed by a space?
    p.s my english is poor
    p.s P.s I understand that you are not required to provide assistance))))

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  • This post is deleted!