Downloading Dayz Mods slowly

  • Hello, i am currently trying to download dayz origins and Taviana but they are only downloading at 1.5mbps which is very slow when i download other programs is much faster like downloading steam games or updates on LOL i download at 15mbps so i believe its capped but i dont know how to fix plz.

  • @Logical Same here. DL speeds won't hit 1MB/s. There used to be a Force HTTP download settings checkbox that seemed to speed it up, but right now it is really slow.

    My friend tried to DL and said everything works fine. Seems very weird.

  • administrators

    The bandwidth per user is limited to ensure all users get some sort of decent speed. Please consider donating to allow me to expand the mirror network.

  • @maca134 Is there an easy way to download them manually? 2mb/s is really slow, ive been downloading 30+ hours and I still dont have the basic mods for overpoch