WFG Sponsored listings

  • Evening,

    I've recently claimed my server on the A3 launcher, and have just donated to get sponsored server listings for it. I am slightly under the impression that I have done it wrong. As whenever I click onto after logging in etc I get a blank screen.

    I have donated £10 which my confirmation reference is: 4RL05809C99576614, and the server info is as follows:

    Server Name: WFG Chernarus 1944 BASTAGE10kStart|AirDrops|Revive|Bounty|Raid
    Server IP:
    Query Port: 2303

  • Server listings are not done through donations. I cant add it manually.

  • Then how do you suggest I fix this error? Have tried it on multiple web browsers and on my laptop. All with the same issue of a blank screen when you press on the add new server, or the sponsor tab at the top.

  • This is the first time i have seen a problem like this. Is there maybe some AV blocking the page? Maybe your ISP is blocking the page?

  • @maca134 AV/ISP haven't been the problem. So i don't know the cause. However, I've done it off my phone, and it seems to have worked!