Images for your sponsor listing in the description box

  • ok so ive seen on other servers if i look at the ones that have got sponsor listings some of them have images, that show custom areas on their map, trader zones etc, they have put these in the description box where you can also read about their server.

    I was hoping someone here knows how to do it and could tell me how, I have managed to get a server profile picture to work but when i try to upload any images to show custom stuff I have in my server it dont work.

    If know one is not sure what im on about, If you open up DZSA launcher and search for the server End Zone, they have got images of thier server and I do not want to copy their way of showing images, I just need to know how I can upload links to images for them to show.

    There are also other servers that do this but End Zone is just one of the servers that came to mind because its one I have played on recently