A3L installing A2 PBOs. A3 Epoch sees A2 pbos and kicks me with bad key

  • Title says it all. Vanilla A3 Epoch server. No other mods. Default configurations. Used A3L to download and install A3 Epoch. Use ADVANCED to ADD Epoch. Lauched via LAUNCH on ADVANCED tab. Used Direct Connect. Browser properly prompts for password. User kicked due to bad key for a2_epoch_backpacks.pbo. Error advises to modify server or remove unkeyed content. Examined


    ... and found four a2_epoch_xxxx.pbos: backpacks, vehicles, weapons, weapons_2. Moved these to temporary folder along with bisign files. Ran file verify from A3L. A3L reinstalled the same files.

    Problem persists. Cannot join new vanilla A3 Epoch folder.

    Upon removing only the backpacks file, kick is repeated for vehicles file. Etc.

  • Never mind. Server provider didn't properly set up server. Installation is incomplete. Epoch key is missing.