A3Launcher + Steam Persistent updates

  • Hello

    I'm having a problem with downloading (Well not really downloading anymore) but downloading mods on A3Launcher

    a few days ago i wanted to download a few CUP mods (core and maps) but then i couldnt be bothered so i paused them (On Steam) because it wouldnt let me pause them on A3Launcher

    i played a few vanilla arma games and then got off my computer. however this morning i tried to get on arma and noticed a Huge 9.3 gb update to arma from the arma workshop, i thought that it was odd so i paused it and tried to play the game. it launched, then crashed, then continued to update this gigantic 9.3gb update.
    i thought it was something to do with A3Launcher because i only download mods from here.
    i go to the mods that are apparently wanting to download and notice i cannot stop the mods from downloading from A3Launcher or Steam.

    does anyone have any ideas on what i should do.

    i dont want to download the mods anymore due to a few factors such as

    • Australian internet
    • busy and just want to play the game.


  • administrators

    try unsubing from them in steam