UnFixable PBO

  • Usually when I get a PBO error I know exactly how to fix it, however, in the past few days DayZ has literally become unplayable. No matter what server I try to join, I get a PBO error for a random mod. It will give me the same error for the same mod every time I try to join. On the off chance I managed to somehow fix the error for that mod, it just gives me a PBO error for another mod. I've tried:

    -Verifying mods
    -Deleting and redownloading
    -Subscribing through workshop
    -Deleting from sal folder
    -Deleting from the weird mod folders with just numbers
    -Restarting computer
    -Reinstalling dayz and making sure it doesn't redownload the mods automatically, only letting it download mods when i try to join the server.

    Despite all this, I still get PBO errors on every single server. I haven't been able to play this game for days now and I'd really like to get back to my base. Any ideas?