Server doesnt show in launcher

  • Hi. Our server wont show up in launcher, can you please add it.Thank you

    Game Server: OLDFarts|PVE|VT7 NEWMAP|500kstart|Basespawn|Rev|load|tow|Tanks!
    Game Type: Arma3 Status: Alive
    Address: Port: 2312 Query Port: 2313

    Mods that we use:
    Livonian Lighting: VT7
    CUP Terrains - Core 1.13.0
    2035: Army of the Russian Federation
    RHS: United States Forces
    RHS: Serbian Armed Forces
    RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
    CUP Weapons 1.13.1
    CUP Vehicles 1.13.0
    CUP Units 1.13.0
    Community Base Addons v3.13.0
    Extended Base Mod
    Advanced Towing
    Advanced Sling Loading
    Advanced Urban Rappelling
    Advanced Rappelling
    Exile Mod