A3Launcher and Discord/Steam Voice Chat issue

  • Hello all, I created an account here just for this issue. I hope there is a quick easy fix that I am simply overlooking. I have found no suggestions on the forum or anywhere else online.
    So, basically, when I am using Discord or Steam's voice chat to talk with friends online, the microphone stops working.
    My microphone works just fine at all other times. No matter if I'm just online, in any other game, and even in Arma 3 through the Steam Library launcher.
    But the second that I open the A3Launcher, the mic stops working. I can tab out of the A3Launcher and it works fine again, but as soon as I go back into the Launcher, it stops again.
    I love the A3Launcher as a whole, but this is a deal breaker as I can not talk to my friends while using it.
    Any thoughts, tips, suggestions. Has anyone had this issue?
    Thank you.