"The launcher was unable to download the server list and there is no local copy saved. Please try re-opening the launcher in a few minutes"

  • I had no problems running it yesterday but now every-time I tried opening it I would get a message saying taking to long try again later. so I tired to re-install it and this is the message I get.

    This page (http://dz.launcher.eu/updates/setup_dzlauncher.exe) is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare's Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by Cloudflare.

  • @psycho I think you can only find these files if you still have Launcher still install with the updates. ive searched everywhere and cannot find them in the @dayz. Even tried search and nothing.

  • @predator Sir or madam, Please be more in-depth is this fixable on a player based ??

  • @ownerdude500 Yeah this is fixable on a player based, I explained it from a players perspective. DZ Launcher seems to be back up and running now, if you have previously installed the launcher, whether you have the launcher or not you will have those files hidden somewhere in your pc @Predator

  • @psycho I have the file listed up above, however; What am I going to do with it. I am sure that I am speaking for a lot of players that you are giving a vague answer to. For the DZSA Launcher do we download this if so were do we place it do we need to run the program ??? I able if you know how to fix this are you able to make a YouTube Tutorial for us less computer competent players?

  • Just to clarify that this new DZLancher? I don't see many Servers on this even trumps walls ???

  • It seems that the main reason the launcher is unable to download the listings is due to the host server being down. It was down pretty much all of yesterday, and there was a brief time today where i actually managed to get it up and running as the servers weren't down, but it seems to have bitten the dust again. I keep checking every now and again here :

    It seems that the child sites are still operational, being able to check servers and even get to the client download page, but the main page itself is currently dead. And my best guess is that due to the parent site being down, the client itself is unable to reach the server that hosts all the adresses for the servers we usually play on. It could be fixed by the delevoper if they didnt make the client rely on the main site being operational, and that it would instead search using the same methods as ARMA itself does, or also relying on several other sites that host IP/Mod listings, as it would fix this issue so long as just one of the sites are available, or if they were to take the arma route, it would always be functional as long as you have an internet connection yourself. But for god knows for what damn reason they had to make the client rely on the main server being active, as its to counter-intuitive, and falls under the 0.1% of all mod launchers that rely on that kind of connection. Hell, modnexus has Vortex and that can launch under any circumstance, even if you arent connected to the internet as it provides offline functionality. The DZLauncher is just a big shot in the foot, as if you make a client rely on a prime server, at least make sure that server still works.

  • @ownerdude500 This is the support page for the DZLauncher, not DZSA as those two are seperate launchers.

  • @maj-angelo Thank you.