A3 Launcher always missing a file in a mod

  • Like i wrote in the Topic my A3Launcher is always giving me the notification, that a part of a mod is always missing , even if i have the mod installed.
    I usually play on Servers with the Exile mod and i have already played on servers like this.
    2 weeks ago i suddenly got the information that something is missing. And before that i could enter any server i wanted to.

    I have already unsubscribed all of the mods and reinstalled my A3 Launcher.

    Please help.

  • Support Guru

    What mod was it?

  • @mgtdb it is always changing. Once it needed a file in a texture mod of this server.
    Now it says 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Small_Items.scope'.

    But that is always changing. Next time it will be missing some part in the CUP mods.

  • @mgtdb Now it says '@Enchanced_Movement\addons\babe_core.pbo' not found.

    I dont know what is going on i have already played on these servers and everything was fine.