DZSALModServer doesn't allow server to shut down properly

  • DZSALModServer.exe with or with out mods will now allow the server to shut down properly. I stop the server and can not remove files or make adjustments.

    From tech support with BlueFang Solutions:
    “Basically how the DZSALModServer.exe works is it launches itself as a process and launches an instance of the main DayZ server exe as well. When the DZSALModServer.exe is shutdown from Overseer it’s supposed to close the DayZ server process as well, but if that fails, a rogue process is left open, which can cause the server to still be joinable even when it’s supposed to be offline and can lock files from being deleted.”

    I have no idea where to go from here and neither does my provider!

  • I am running the most current versions of dayz sa client and server 1.05.152636