This is a weird one-- hope someone can help

  • I was driving through Vybor when notice two AIs running through town. I ran them over. The first one fell and the second one just kept running straight even after shooting him in the back multiple times. I shrugged it off and decided to do a mission. When I got there, the AI were all running in place and I couldn't pick anything up. I tried to abort and reset, but it wouldn't let me. So I had to shut down the program myself.

    Now when I want to hop into the server, it shows that my name is already in the list of folks already in the server. when I try to hop in anyways, it puts me at 'waiting for host' and won't progress further after that. I tried searching for the last hour with no luck, so here I am. Got any ideas?

  • Well, I guess the solution was just to wait it out for the server to restart. I'm in now and I hope I didn't waste anyone's time.