Server gets shutdown by DZSA Launcher Tool

  • Heya,
    as soon as i install the Tool on my Server, the ping of it goes up to 9999 in the Serverlist, soon after its completly gone and not accessable, neither from the Launcher, nor the normal Game.
    Any Ideas how to fix that? The ports are forwarted, everything is done as it should be, yet nothing is working.

  • Admn said this :

    i've already done the portforwarding and have seen that post, it's something with their http server and how it slaves the dayzserver executable, the ports I've verified as open and accessible. For the time being the tool also doesnt update immediately like with how DNS propagation works for web domains.

    I've seen this issue all over their forums and discord, so I can confirm it being buggy is rather normal, and the server I'd made and tested on to develop the mod manager option worked, so I'm willing to bet it's a geoip or some form of intermittant network or permission issue, not specifically us or the tool developers themselves.