Help Arma crash

  • Hello i need som help have trying everything but Nothing dosent work
    For time ago i could play many of many hours with no problems until now .
    I can play a little bit then my game frezee and crash and no error screen dosent not comes up have tried everything reinstal arma3 and arma3 launcher reinstal my computer but it dosent help.
    Can play many games but not arma3 anymore plz help me ??
    Sorry for my bad English im Swedish

  • Sounds like you need to verify & repair Arma3:

    Arma3 repair:

    Start Steam

    • Library Tab > Games
    • Right click > Arma3 > Properties
    • Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

    Mod Repair:

    After you have finished the above steps...

    • Press play on Arma3
    • Go to Mods
    • Left Click on the mod that you need to repair
    • On the right hand side (under the mod icon) click setting (the 3 dots) ...
    • Click Repair

    After you are done I would restart steam to give it a nudge to start the download.

  • @aussie thanks i Will try 🙂