A3Launcher not show exile mod for my server.

  • Hello. What's wrong that A3laucnher does not display one needed module for my server? It's about exile. CUP, Extended base etc is but I do not see exile
    I will add, CUP and other mods are in the same line as exile and here everything is fine.

    This is my Mods line
    [email protected];@Extended_Base_Mod;@cba_a3;@cup_units;@cup_vehicles;@cup_weapons; [email protected];

    This is my IP:

  • I would grab the Exile version from steam. It has a few extra files needed for A3 launcher:


  • The version of my exile is downloaded with steam. And on my server I should have only @exileserver which also I have downloaded via steamcmd.
    @exile it's only on the client's side. It causes that no one can enter my server because A3launch does not show exile in needed mods.

  • Sounds like you need the exile key in the server Keys folder.

    TrixAre4FatKids [has Arma 3] 14 Jun, 2016 @ 9:56am
    holy **** i got it. for anyone having this problem. All you need to do is go to the Exile mod website and download the SERVER files (its a 2.5mb download) inside of that folder is a folder called (keys) you need to copy that key to the keys folder in your arma 3 MAIN folder. not the @Exile mod folder.