Optional Mod Loading?

  • Is it possible to add an optional mod through A3 launcher? Or better yet, if its possible to save a mod load in the advanced tab, is this possible? As a recommendation, it would be nice to be able to search and add mods all through the advanced tab instead of having to go to "Mods" then back to advanced to load the specific ones.

    I have some optional mods on my server, JSRS sound packs and Blastcore but when you load through A3launcher it only loads the required ones. I don't want to make them required because they are large downloads but some players want them, would be nice to have an option to load optional mods like the arma 3 launcher.


    Love A3launcher!

  • When you choose to play a server, any mods your missing or need updating it tells you and does it automatically, so you dont need to manaully add them

  • The above is not correct when it comes to mods that are optional and only the keys are supplied as acceptable to the server.

    The server needs to have the mods loaded and the Server queried with these mods to automatically load the mods standardly.

    What they are asking about is normally in the standard ArmA launcher you are prompted for "Suggested mods" and you can load them optionally as the server has them loaded in the "keys" folder.
    So does anyone know the method of loading optional mods using the A3LAunchers that are not running on the Server that you can direct players to load these client side? Currently I'm having to load all the Client Side mods so that A3Launcher users get the same experience as they are not prompted during join to load these optionally.

  • he asked about a3 launcher, the external launcher right ?

    if so you can click on a server and if your missing mods it wil lpop up with what your missing.

    if he means the official arma launcher then its abit different but you can still choose to play server and it will tell you what mods are needed

  • @oneshot Think you're missing the point, and if you're not familiar with this, it's hard to understand as the devil is in the details.
    Let me explain:
    The server can "allow" additional mods that don't need to be ran by the server. Some mods are only required to run client side as they do not need to sync with the server or JIP. This can be done by the admin in adding the "bikey" for the mod to the keys folder for the server and not launch the mod server side. This also lowers extra overhead for the server, as it does not need to load or overwrite for existing mods. (JSRS for example, overwrites sound references for weapons and vehicles, while the server does not need this as it should not be processing sound). We've seen about 3-5 extra FPS from not loading client side mods like Blastcore, JSRS, HMD's, HMCS, etc. While minimal, it also helps when you are reaching the threshold for amount of mods being loaded through a command line, while the mods are fine to run with another*. (* BI has a method when you reach this threshold, it's called a parameter file and if you can use it you have to look for other solutions)

    What he's asking and I'm also curious is, A3 Launcher users DO NOT see these mods that are allowed to run client side as you would when launching the Steam Launcher (shows up as "Suggested mods"), they only see what the server is running via the query port. They do not see these mods that can be loaded optionally. So for us server admins, if we want to give the A3 Launchers the same experience, we have to enable all these Client side mods so that the query picks up these mods and tells you the A3 Launcher user to load these mods.

    So back to the question, is there a method in which the A3 Launcher user can load these additional Client Side mods? For instance JSRS is not running on the server, but we have allowed them to load it, does this need to be done through "Additional Parameters" or is there a better method? I'd tried loading these mods through Advanced mod loading and this seems to be independent when joining a server.

  • yes i misunderstood what he was asking, I am familar with loading mods as required by server or optional via client.

    I simply just misunderstood what he was asking.
    it would be nice to see this kinda of info on the A3 Launcher, the only current way i know of is using official arma launcher or sometimes server owners put this info in sponsored listings info