DZSA Launcher downloads all files for server. But doesnt join it. Then i lose the server.

  • This is pretty much every time i join a server on DZSA

    find a server i like. Click join. Program becomes awesome and downloads all the files i need to play on the server.

    But when its done downloading all 25+ mods.. it does not join the game. So i am forced to go back to the server browser (and of course it refreshes automatically making me lose whatever server i had in mind) and i try and remember what the name of the server was . Then i take a guess. Wrong guess. So now i have to download another 30 mods for THAT server. then it finally finishes. THEN THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENS! And i become trapped in an endless cycle of never joining a server

    Now i write down the name of the server i want to join on paper before joining it. And i think that is dumb