Issue with connecting on a server

  • Hello everyone i decided to play some Exile with my friends again, so we all downloaded the mods in the A3Launcher. When we were finished we connected to a server and i was the only one who couldn't because there is something not signed to a key accepted by this server. it says to remove that file or install additional accepted key. I tried to remove all the files but it still doesn't work and now i have no clue what else i can do because i am "lost ... i have no clue where to get or how to make an additional accepted key"2_1559389345709_Error2.jpg 1_1559389345709_Error 3.jpg 0_1559389345708_Error 1.jpg

  • hey, you need to repair Cup Terrains in order to join the server.

    In A3Launcher press on the MODS tab,
    Search for CUP (click filter),
    Click VERIFY on CUP terrains.