Enhanced Movement mod not enabled on server. Does it take awhile for a new mod to be enabled thru A3 Launcher?

  • Enhanced movement is enabled on server when join thru steam launcher but if join thru A3 Launcher it isn't enabled for players.

  • players need to make sure they have mod installed, a3 launcher can take alittle while to recognise new mods been added.
    Also need to go into settigns and controls, then into custom controls and need to set a keybind there, not sure which number it is but think it might be custom control 1 or 2 or maybe number 10, i know ive used them but forget which one does what

  • Ok . I have it in servermod command line not mod command line. It works thru steam launcher no problem. So I guess in the servermod command line is ok. So maybe it takes several days to recognize it its on server. Thanks