[SOLVED]unknown mods - SMA

  • Hi, I'm trying to add Specialist Military Arms (SMA) to my Exile server but A3launcher wont recognize it.

    I have @SMA; in my -mod parameters and have @SMA folder inside my Arma 3 root.
    i also put the key from inside @SMA>keys folder into the keys folder in my arma 3 root directory.

    if i go to the A3Launcher Server Check and type in my servers query ip:port it says unknown mods - SMA

    am i using the wrong -mod parameter or what is going on?

    when i downloaded the SMA mod it was named @SMA V1.7.1 and i renamed it to @SMA
    i have also tried @Specialist_Military_Arms and putting @Specialist_Military_Arms; into my -mod parameters that did not work either. :/

    Any help towards resolving this issue would be much appreciated.

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    Should be sorted now

  • @maca134 Now it is detecting as Scope Mod A3 which is not what is installed.

    which of the following do i use as mod parameter?


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    got some numbers mixed up, try now

  • Yep, all is good now. Thank you @maca134