Please add "Unit Voices"

  • "Unit Voices"

    Dynamic, randomized 3D positional sound samples for units in Arma.
    Using NWI's Insurgency[] sound samples, this is an open source mod, created to improve the overall experience and bring dynamism to the in-game voices of Arma 3.

    My take on it:

    Seems to be a fairly fun and great voices mod alternative. Creapy to hear some dude coughing behind you but if you're in a surround sound environment you get a better grasp of Ai around you than "empty" breathing.

    While the other voice packs are great, this seems to fit the Altis and other enviros better.

    Please see about adding, has proper MP keys and sign.

    For proper Server/Client usage in MP, you need to be running this both on the Client and Server so you can't run it as an optional client.

    Thanks also for adding the "JSRS for CUP" ;) Greatly improves CUP and greatly appreciated ;)

  • Wonder if this has been looked at?

    Understand things can get busy, etc.

    We have this on our Dev Server working both on Client and server side (which is required), works great, just too bad we have to tell people to side load it or use Vanilla Launcher.

    Please add this or at least take a look.