Launcher not downloading the mods for my server

  • I'm running a server on a spare PC at my home using the "Tools". I uninstalled the mods from my gaming system and join through the DZ SA Launcher but it doesn't install the mods. I used the "Check Server" and it times out.

    Here is the basic batch file I'm using:

    @echo off
    start "" "DZSALModServer" "-instanceId=1" "-config=serverDZ.cfg" "-port=2302" "[email protected];@WeaponReduxPack;@DisableBaseDestruction;@BuildAnywhere;@KillFeed;DayZ-Sa-Tomato" "-ignoremod=DayZ-Sa-Tomato" "-profiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZServer\EvilChickenCoop" -noFilePatching -dologs -adminlog -freezecheck

    If I missed something, please let me know . . .

  • I have no idea why but it's working now?