Sponsored Server Port Changed - Can I Move My Sponsors?

  • Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me as I worried a few of my members and players are going to lose their money :(

    My A3/Exile server was sponsored on A3 launcher, a few people had made payments in the past few days. Unfortunately my GSP emailed me last night giving me just 40 minutes notice that all servers on 1 particular box were being moved to a newer more powerful machine (2 hamsters instead of 1 :) )
    Whilst they were moving the server, the messed up a few times meaning it was down all night and had to be fully reinstall twice and we lost our database! But they also changed the port, so now the sponsors for my server are gone, as they are registered to my server but with a different port.

    So, is there a way to move the sponsor payments?? I don't want people to feel their money has been wasted. Sorry if this is a known thing or posted somewhere on the site, I did spend a while looking for a answer or FAQ on this subject but I couldn't see anything.
    Appreciate any help,


  • administrators

    If you were logged in making the payment you will be able to change the ip on the listing. If not please email [email protected] with payment info (transaction id, paypal email, amount) and your steam id and i can hook it up.

  • Awesome, thank you for the help.