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    I've just updated my launcher to the latest version and my server happens to be one of the few which shows as "Partial Security". I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the security level is based off of and/or how to 'fix' it as not having "High Security" might detract new players...

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  • yes just seen that as well, my server is the same, what actually is measured/checked ?

  • I am having the same problem, can someone help?

  • [SOLVED]

    verifySignatures = 0;
    verifySignatures = 2;

  • Some guidance as to where we might find that setting? Is it in the launcher's settings or server side?


  • Found it. It's in the main server config file.
    Thanks Paulinho

  • My thoughts on this, A lot of first time people that join dayz launcher are going to pick the server that so high security because they will think the others may give them a virus. This security has nothing to do with getting a virus
    I dont know who came up with it, but I think its TOTAL BS
    Its not fair to the other server admins
    Like I said just my thoughts

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    Im sorry but if you can not setup a server with verified signatures and battleye on, you shouldnt be running a server.

  • Maca134 is a legend for me. It is one of the few names I have embeded in my mind as gamechangers in the MP gaming history. I don't wanna sound disrespectful - and A3Launcher is awesome, a great work!

    We have setup a server with verified signatures and battleye on, all players with latency above 170ms will, eventually, get kicked for "wrong signatures" of a random file. Have you ever had a legitimate player kicked for "wrong signature"? Or are all those kicked guys "hackers and cheaters"?

    Is it really related to signatures or is it random, kicking different players (sometimes the admin himself), because of slow BE server response, latency, etc? High Ping players often get kicked for "wrong signatrure" and there is nothing wrong with their files. Proof of that is they log back in and play for hours then.

    VerifySignatures = 0 might be an admin decision, I don't see in what way publishing that option would help the admins.

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    Without an exact copy/screenshot of the kick, i cant really speculate.