Not working with Discord while using VoiceAttack

  • Launching Dayz with DaysSA Launcher breaks VoiceAttack and Discord.

    I use VoiceAttack to control aspects of my stream and game. I'm memory impaired (head injury) and use voice in lew of memorizing key commands. I've set Voiceattack to listen to and disable my voice in both Teamspeak and Discord when I use the Right Control+RightShift+Back key combo.

    This works perfectly if I use the in-game server browser and/or the in-game launcher. Allowing me to push-to-mute my VoIP apps and push-to-listen for VoiceAttack. This saves my friends in Discord and or Teamspeak from having to hear my VoiceAttack commands. It is also set to turn on DayZ's in-game VoIP with the same key combo. This all works correctly.

    It breaks when I use your DayzSA Launcher. Teamspeak push-to-mute still works but Discord push-to-mute does nothing and VoiceAttack push-to-listen does nothing.

    I'll break down settings here:

    Dayz VoIP push-to-talk: Right Control+RightShift+Back

    Discord push-to-mute: Right Control+RightShift+Back

    Teamspeak push-to-mute: Right Control+RightShift+Back

    VoiceAttack push-t- listen: Right Control+RightShift+Back

    Logitech Gaming Software: Mouse (G502-Proteus) forward button (button 4) set to send Right Control+RightShift+Back

    I can confirm that these settings work perfectly while using the in-game launcher and the in-game server browser, but fail as described above when using DayzSA launcher.

    Please let me know if you need any assistance in correcting this issue.

    ps: Great Job! Love the way your launcher works with DayZ's mods! Just want it to play well with the apps that I've become dependent on.