unknown mods - Voice Informer

  • Hello All and Merry Christmas
    I try yo add my server to A3 Launcher but i get this error
    "unknown mods - Voice Informer" any help?

  • Sounds like the mod "voice informer" is not on A3 Launcher.

    If it is you can ask for it to be added here: https://support.launcher.eu/category/9/mod-additions.

    Community mods are free to add & get added once per month.

    maca134 administrators 16 Sep 2016, 02:05

    This section is for requesting mod additions and updates on the launcher.

    Each post must contain a link to the files/steam page.

    Steam Workshop mods are much quicker to get added.

    Before posting make sure no one else has requested the mod, duplicates will be deleted.

    I do my best to add mods at least once a month, asking "when will it be added" everyday will not help. A bump once a week is fine.