Mission Prefetch Server

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    Both launchers now have the ability to download a servers mission.pbo before opening ARMA. This should help speed up server joining and improve overall server performance.

    There is an small app (here) that can be downloaded and run along side arma server.

    Run the app: MissionPrefetchServer.exe 2302 C:\servers\altis\mpmissions\mission.Altis.pbo

    I recommend running the app with firedaemon and have it restart once every couple of hours (just incase) as it is still experimental.

    The server app will open a port on game port + 7.

    At GSP request, I have added 3 optional params that will steam query the server and kill mission prefetch exe after 4 failed attempts. The exe will wait x seconds them start querying once every 5 seconds.
    MissionPrefetchServer.exe <gameport> <c:\path\to\mission.pbo> [ip] [queryport] [secondstowait]