(SOLVED) A3 Launcher not detecting 1.88 clientside.

  • Hi

    I have four servers all on 1.88. When I try & join my servers through A3 Launcher, it fails to join. It seems like the launcher doesnt show that clients are on 1.88 hotfix.

    When I press escape & go back to the server listings it shows outdated client, need 1.88.

    I have to join through Arma3 Launcher to join my servers. I checked A3 Launcher's Arma3 directory & it correct and on the 1.88 update.

    I am currently telling players to join through Arma3 launcher.0_1544168546165_20181207174915_1.jpg

    Thanks for making A3Launcher Maca, I know you dont need this bullshit that Bohemia love to whip up.

  • This bugged fixed itself after I deleted & reinstalled A3 Launcher.