Oh snap! unknown mods

  • Im getting this msg when trying to check my server, "Oh snap! unknown mods - leinRyanDTeriyaki Exile Mod a3cba_3.1.0.160928-fc3156bfcup_units-1.7.0cup_vehicles-1.7.1cup_weapons-1.7.1exile"

    The server works just fine launching it from arma. Can anyone help me with this? Would be greatly appreciated.

  • I read somewhere about a mod limitation for a couple things,
    though I'd recommend checking the spelling and numbers of
    your Mods and compare them to what DayZ Launcher has by default,
    What is the name of the server? You might need to include a version number.

    Hope that helps,

  • Your mods don't look like they are in the proper format to be recognized by A3L. As an example, CUP mods should be @CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons etc. You have version numbers in the start parameters and folder names. I have no idea what leinRyanDTeriyaki is, but your folders should be named as @CUP_Weapons, @CUP_Vehicles, and @Exile.

    You will also need to convert your command line start parameters to these as well.

  • @Brawnkoh Thanks for the help.
    I ensured that the folders were named properly. I'm not sure what caused this problem but i fixed it by uninstalling the cup mods and reinstalling them. I have no problem checking my server now =]

  • @worley-_- Glad you got it working. :)

  • Anyone know the case for Frith's Ruin?
    @FrithsRuin doesn't seem to work...

  • administrators

    The @FirthsRuin @FrithsRuin should work now