Adding a custom Mod to the Launcher

  • Hello.
    My Name is Justin and im just a regular guy from Germany.

    So i wanted to make a Arma 3 Exile Server that is based on the good old dayz Times with the Pendulum Namalsk Team (was one of the biggest Dayz Namalsk Servers).

    Because i want the best Play Experience i want to make a mod so that the server isnt struggling that much.

    I might understood it not correctly BUT is it possible to add a custom mod (we will make) to the A3Launcher ?.

    If i read is correctly it says that i need to pay 60$ to add a community mod.

    I will pay the fees if there are any (because i know you guys made the launcher for free and this is AWESOME) and i want also to support you for your great work :).

    I also will pay the sponsoring Listing when the server is finished (might take some months (we want to make it good!))

    I wish you all best of luck and a great dayZ :D

    You can continue reading if you are Interrested in my Server.

    We will make a server that you can enjoy (well no shit sherlock that tries everybody)

    So ... we are sad that DayZ "died" so we decided to make a Arma 3 Exile Server in The style of good old DayZ :)
    We want players to feel that feeling they know from the old times.

    • A blood system
    • DayZ food/water/blood Overlay
    • Creepy Athmosphere (Ground Fog and Creepy music) *depends on weather
    • Painkillers and bloodbags will be involved :3
    • everything arma offers you will find on the street (yes even tanks BUT they are REALY rare)
    • a better Exile buy menu
    • Chernarus Redux with a lot of Custom aded loot places
    • A Admin team that is there for everybody
    • and alot more we have made a list with all things we will probably add and we can even add more when we have the client sided mod that hopefully get added to the launcher!


    If you are interested in my server why not think about helping us out with mapping and gathering ideas :D