Unable to play on [SG] Exile Chernarus, Constantly getting Error "you were kicked from the game". [SOLVED]

  • Recently I've been trying to join this server and a couple of other servers with similar mods, and I've been getting the same error on all servers. The error that appears in chat after i play for a couple of minutes and it is "Player cajja: Wrong signature for file addons\props_f_exp_a.pbo [SG] Player cajja kicked off" (also other different random files in addons) I've gone down every conceivable way to fix this problem. At first, I created a new profile seeing if that worked, and it didn't. Then I tried unsubscribing to all installed mods and the just joining the server, thus reinstalling said mods fresh, and that also didn't work. I then reinstalled all mods including exile then reinstalled, and that also didn't work. then I went on to reinstall arma3 as well as the mods, and that also didn't work, I tried to delete the files that were affecting me and it didn't work. I also tried to defrag my arma and mod folders. I dont know what to do and this is my cry for help. also something that might be a problem, my arma3/steam is not installed on my (C:) Drive its on my (D:) Drive. my C drive is SSD and my D drive is HDD. i have 64 GB ram, x64 system and windows 10

  • This is what I would do, and it sounded like you did this already. That file is a pbo most likely located in your arma 3\addons folder, go in there and delete that file, then delete all the .dll and .exe files in the arma 3 root folder, then verify the game with steam, it should download those files alone. If all else fails, I will give you a clean copy of the file myself from my a3 client and you can swap that file out and give that ago. or even find that pbo file online somewhere?

  • the thing is is that I am able to join other servers like InfinityExile|militarized|75k|WIPED 4/13 and play on those servers just fine. also, it's not just the one file, if I delete that one, the error comes back with a different file, then a different one and so on. it seems like it might be server side? because I've already uninstalled all my arma3/addons files and verified them 3 times over. I will try to find some arma3/addons folder online and see if that helps at all. if that doesnt clear it up i will ask you for them and see if that works. The server is currently full so ill have to wait for a little while to see. im also going to try to go on their teamspeak and get some help.

  • ALRIGHT, I FOUND A SOLUTION: I had my arma 3 not installed on my c drive. that's pretty much it. I'm guessing it was something to do with the lag from transferring information from my HDD (D drive) to my SSD (C drive) (however small it was). also, my game was running a lot faster on my C drive. IMPORTANT: what I did in my steam was I made a new install path to my c drive, so I didn't have to reinstall everything. at the top left of your steam homepage, you click steam in the top left and go down to settings. once you do that, find the downloads tab and click on "steam library folders". A little box will pop up in the middle of your screen. Then you want to click on "add library folder". Navigate yourself to a path in your C drive where you want arma installed, then click select. after that go to your steam library. You want to right click on arma3 go to properties, local files, and click "move install folder". then after you've done that click the drop-down arrow and select your C drive. after about 10-30 minutes (or however long it takes) it should be done moving. (start your arma from steam to the title screen before doing next steps) go to your steam and verify your files for arma3. If you're using the A3Launcher then go to settings and change your arma3 path to the path that you selected. click save near the bottom and you should be good to go. after that join the server. WARNING if you get the error again, that also happened to me, get back into the server, and you should be fine. it only happened to me once, but if it keeps happening, god rest your soul.

  • If you can put [solved] in the begging of the title? That would help other people know a fix was found faster when they google things or see this post later.