A3 Launcher just shows 0/0 9999

  • Hi

    I change my home dedicate server internet connection and now problems is that when i try check server, few times gives Oh snap! error querying server - timeout and and then was Yay! Server added successfully.

    Ok i get server check with green and i open A3 Launcher and search my server and i see it but shows 0/0 9999
    When i use Arma 3 own multiplay launcher i can join to server normaly.
    If i can join from game i think ports are not problem then?

    Server ip
    Game port 2302 and querry was that 2303

  • you must allow ports 2302-2305 udp/tcp through all firewalls.

  • I have 2302-2306 udp/tcp

    Strange is that A3 Launcher can guery server and shows it in list but somehow sees that server is not online.

    I also add 2344 and 2345 (battleye) not sure do i need those

  • when your server is showing 0/0 9999 is the mission init already?

  • Yeah i have autoinit in use.

    Server is have been up and working normaly with old connection, this new connection is problem somehow.
    I add few ports more 8766 and 27016, now my friend can see server normaly now in A3 Launcher, i maybe cant when i use same router.

  • also make sure in your server config file you do not or do have the steam ports defined as something else there.

  • If you set the steam q ports in your server config file, also make sure you are port forwarding through the router.

  • Only Start bat have -port 2302 and other ports goes with it normaly what are 2303-2306 and few other ports what i have open.

  • so the config file normally is in the root folder, it contains the mission file you want to luanch, in there you will see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead & Arma 3 - STEAM ports configuration
    note: STEAM ports in Arma 3 build 1.22.125469 or newer are hardcoded as now linked to game-port of the server instance (+1 query +2 report to master)

    Parameter Description
    steamPort = <number>; default 2303, defines port for communication with STEAM services, needs to be unique for each dedicated server within one OS instance / network interface
    steamQueryPort = <number>; default 2304, defines port for server's STEAM query, needs to be unique for each dedicated server within one OS instance / network interface

  • make sure the ports in the server comfig is defined