Can't get my Exile server to show Zombies addon mods in A3 Launcher

  • I have set up my server to run both exile and exilez using zombies and demons. When I launch Arma3 and select my Mods manually (both exile and zombies and demons) I can connect to my server fine and everything works. However when I run the A3 Launcher it does not see that it needs to run the zombies and demons mod when it launches arma 3. What do I need to do to make sure the A3 Launcher sees all the mods my server is running?

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    Try the check server page?

  • I tried that. I have modified my mission.sqm addons section with ryanzombies as well but still when I launch from A3 launcher it only thinks I need exile and then I get kicked for not running ryanzombies as well. Is there a configuration on my server I am missing? Sorry forgot to add server info

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