I have downloaded to many mods and cannot dlete or cancle the download.

  • I was trying to download a exiles mod on the a3 launcher for arma 3, and I did not know what I was doing. so I accidently subscribed to every mod in my mods list. a lot of them are still loading. I even rested my computer to factory because of this but when I downloaded it again they where still downloading pleas help me delete and cancel the mods thank you

  • I had this issue. I really want A3Launcher to add an X or a cancel button to stop download. Anyways THE FIX: Close A3Launcher the mods will still download through steam as workshop, go to Arma 3, launch the game to get the normal launcher, go to your mods and it will show you which ones are installing / waiting to be installed. you can click them to see more info and click to delete the mod, this will unsubscribe you and delete any local files.

  • Unsub from mod inside of steam. Google that.