Launcher problem

  • Me and my friend got very odd problem, when were trying to installing some mod from the launcher , so we can connect to server, we cannot remove mod nor we cannot see mods in folder were installing it, also if my friend is trying to connect to server , it says that he dont got mod he need, but he got it , help us !

  • To see the folder you have to open A3Launcher & then go to "settings" in the top right. NOw check the mods/download path.

    Something like this: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3!Workshop

    The last folder is hidden so you have to open file exploer (press windows + E). Press on the view tab on the top left. On the far right window tick "show Hidden Items".

    Yoou can now view the mods folder. Delete the mod causing grief or verify it in A3launcher. To verify the mod go to the mods tab & search for the mod.

  • and if i dont see that !Workshop ? even after that change ?