Mod Addition - USAF by SGT Fuller

  • I know of and play on quite a few servers that want to use this mod, but due to it not being in A3L, they don't bother with it because it makes things difficult for players to join. Hell, servers just want the autopilot script itself in some cases because they can adapt it to the Blackfish so it can be ran like the AC-130.

  • Hi @NFGGhost

    Do you have a link to the steam workshop?

    You need to put a link to the mod. I found this
    But I am not sure if A3Launcher grabs files from Armaholic?

  • Yeah, It's not on the workshop, I'm not sure if it's just because SGT Fuller hasn't put it on there, or if he refuses to do so.

  • Fair enough, I think you sell your soul to the devil if you upload your mod to Steam.

    I remember reading that steam owns the rights to you copyright when you upload your mod.

    @maca134 will need to confirm if A3launcher can grab files from armaholic.

  • This mod was uploaded to steam a while back but the creator wanted it removed so it was taken down if I remember correctly from what I read. @NFGGhost We had this on our PVE server but took it off because it wasn't in A3 launcher.