wrong mod on server

  • Hi, on my server it said an wrong mod, i have epoch, but it said its epoch experimental, how i can change that?!

    my server ip is : !
    0_1521303901128_arma 3 server problem 1.jpg

  • im not too techinical with this stuff but you should just be able to use the version from dayz launcher or a3 launcher and use that in your mods.
    make sure you have fully uninstalled any other version and try a fresh install

  • i deleted the old mod folder on server and client, downloaded it new with a3 launcher and uploaded it to my server, changed key file on server and restarted the server, but still it say the wrong mod -.-

    EDIT: okay now it change to normal epoch mod, so thread can be closed. thx for helping me

  • eeey mate first remove the mod out of the comandline... --> remove bikey from keyfolder --> remove all other data of mod