Server appears on the a3launcher but no mods are listed

  • so i've been able to claim my server on my account with a3launcher but on the launcher when i find the server the mods are not listed and i get the unrecoverable error when i try to join it, but on my claimed servers profile the mods show up there so is there. also i have my server thru nfoservers and i can join the server when joining thru native arma 3 launcher.

  • if you press sponser server in a3 launcher you come on this website:

    press on check server add your server IP port+1 so if u copy normaly IP adress from server make last number of the port +1

    if you add it here it will be add to the launcher. if you got bookmarks of your server remove them restart a3 launcher and you server will be updated in the list. (this can take a min but also 30 min to update)

  • the server is on the launcher however underneath the server name where it should say the ip and mods on the server there is nothing there0_1520112004193_Capture.PNG

  • Having the same issue on my server as well (

    I am running off a linux box (ubuntu 16.04)

    When I do a server check, I recieve the following error:
    ~ Oh snap! error querying server - Error reading mods, mod count error.

  • For me it successfully added the server when I checked it just won't load mods on launcher

  • i have two solutions for this problem that i did both on accident and now the server works

    1. i changed the map from chernarus to chernarus redux which removed OCP and CUP Maps so maybe its one of those mods
    2. since i changed mods that were shorter in name then its possible that the mod- section is now at the correct length so one way to fix it is just shorten parameters to a few letters for mods

    edit: im now 90% sure its solution 1 because after looking my parameters are actually longer after mod changes so i think the issue is OCP

  • @hexic Hmmm... my server was already on chernarus redux. When you say OCP what mod is that exactly? I don't believe I'm using that either.

  • administrators

    is this still happening?

  • @maca134 My server no longer shows on the launcher application, but when doing a server check I receive the error "error querying server - Error reading mods, mod count error" even when running with no mods at all.

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    next time it happens can you close the launcher and get me the data.json from the launcher dir please

  • sorry for not responding sooner but ocp is open chernarus project which ds houses replaces in chernarus redux and now the launcher and everything works fine with my server no problems anymore so it might be OCP and i had no errors when server checking my server during the period that i had the problems @maca134 @SCHMURDA