Cant Verify Mods

  • Cant verify any of my mods no response from A3luancher

  • I can't verify mods either, nothing happens.
    Also I keep getting "There was an error getting the path for TornZ2. please check you are subscribed to it."
    I have it subscribed, I have deleted it completely and tried again loading it but no. Nothing helps, keeps saying this no matter which CCG server I try (I've tried two)

  • I can't remember ever see that worked for steam mods ..only non steam mods.
    Don't believe there is a way to verify a community workshop item.. i've always just unsubbed.. checked the workshop directory to make sure is gone .. then resubbed
    There may have been and update to the mod, or was removed from steam .. that happens as well .. gets pulled from steam by author .. usually they have a github repository or armaholic post for their mod .
    OR since this is a CCG only mod .. try the CCG Forums