Launcher won't launch the server.

  • When I choose a server from the list, the game loads, then freezes on the loading screen. After hitting escape, it takes me to the arma server list in game, and shows that none of them can be joined. It says that it requires 1.80?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • hi, did you ever fix this?
    I've been away from arma 3 for a few months and now a3l doesn't launch my favourite server.

  • This sounds like you have autoupdate on steam disabled - and you dont have the latest version of arma.
    Open Steam Library - right click on Arma 3 , select properties , then click the updates tab at the top.
    Where it says automatic updates , it should say ( Always Keep this Game up to Date ) .. if not change it to that .. or if your on a laptop and its turned off wont update.
    If that's the case restart steam .. while connected via wifi or ethernet and it should start downloading