Unknown Mods Error

  • We have added a steam workshop mod ( Door opening ) It cracks a door open so you can peak out of the door.

    My server has been removed from A3 laucher with the server check reading .

    "Oh SNAP! unknown mods - @DO"

    Steam work shop link below. Please help !

    [http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=281074849&searchtext=door+opening](link url)

    • EDIT * we have now moved the @DO mod from client side to server side and it still lists as an unknown mod in the server listing and my server is still not showing in A3 launcher

  • Now I am really confused. A3 Launcher does indeed have this door mod available if you filter the mods searching for "door" but it will not allow me see my server in the list.

    I can even click the "website" link from A3 Launcher and go to the Steam community page
    0_1514691582847_Door mod.png

    Server check still says it is an Unknown Mod.