Epoch 1062

  • Who's bright idea was it to launch 1062 update 3 days after Christmas without any prior warning? bunch of idiots giving no time to server owners.

  • Let me guess, the mod was just replaced and the old version isn't available anymore

  • Pretty much. It wouldn't be a big issue if they did it the same way as 1061 update and had the older version on the launcher for two weeks giving time for people to update and players to still play but this time they just straight up replaced it without warning. (A lot of people said this update wouldn't be pushed out until mid-January also!)

  • I'm still getting a handful of people on my servers that didn't get the update downloaded yet, so I guess I'll be pushing an update tonight.

    Really should give people a chance to update instead of just replacing it in the middle of the day when most of us are at work still.

  • That's because they don't give a fuck about the community

  • @cuddlesworth YUP they screwed all the server owners up now, and because of this NO one can play the game after update until the server owners Build another server, thats what I was reading about in another servers posts, There ALL PISSED.. and I do not blaim them.. DAMN IT!

  • @psitom

    All it would of taken was a warning for atleast a week in advance. Not 3 days after christmas to push out an update.
    What a bunch of autists.
    It'll be interesting to see how many servers drop off the map now because they don't know how to update. This game is dead updates do not need to be made. (As much as I like this new update and changelog there is still no point in trying update a dead games modifications)

  • administrators

    There is never i good time to update... Regardless of time, its going to inconvenient for someone.

    When a mod author sends me the update, i push it. If you guys really want multiple version hosting then you better get donating because as it stand, the launcher is barely paying for itself these days and when it gets to a point were it not longer generates money, it will be turned off. Shit costs money! (and BIS dont pay me to run this, as some people seem to think)

  • Yeah you guys really can't expect maca or the epoch team to maintain 2 releases, and withhold an update for you convenience. The to interim was due to the marked difference of the code, which is not the case with the update; the update should take 1-2 restart periods max, not 1-2 weeks. Over the past several months there have been minimal changes to the server and mission. I've stated that the release is close and that the mod is being tested on a few occasions, so you could have started updating really at any time. Of course, unless you browse the github, epoch website, or are on the epoch discord then you wouldn't know. But as a server owner it's your job to keep up to tabs with updates, not our job to inform you on more than 3 outlets fixes several security vulnerabilities and crashes, so you should update ASAP, regardless of whether or not it's still on the launcher. Either way, if you actually looked you would find a post with download links for the client either on the epoch release thread, or the dayz epoch github release page...

  • Um no, there was no announcement of a release date. I have every thing posted on github emailed to me. I woke up to “bam release deal with it” - a notification of “we’re going to release in a week if there are no other issues reported” and not done in the morning on a weekday since a lot of us have real jobs (probably most of us). I wouldn’t have been up until 3 am updating 5 servers then have to get up for work in 4 hours after that if a little consideration had been given and a warning, ANY mention of an expected date. I’ve been looking on the forums and github for weeks looking for a date...this was arbitrary and unannounced.

    And considering how much money I dump on this launcher for the past few years I guarantee you’re making plenty of money off this thing. I have a real hard time believing that it’s barely paying for itself. I’ve given you over $2000 in the last 2 years. That’s almost enough to cover the hosting for 2 years. I don’t buy it...but whatever....

    I’ve said my piece...

  • @maca134 Get some sponsers

  • What a bunch of fuckwits that just decided to update without a care in the world for anyone. Every year its the same I lose 3 servers from these fucking idiots that couldnt code to save their lives. Tired of this shit every few month no warning. You fuckers deserve a good kicking,

  • administrators

    @aCti0N_jACks0N Last month brought in a grand total of £260, its barely enough to pay for hosting. No offence to anyone but if im not making money off this, im not going spend the time running (why should i?).

    You havnt "dumped over $2000" over 2 year, looking at the database its more like $1000. If you think $1000 a year is enough to run DZLauncher, you are mad! Were do you think the files are hosted, Dropbox? Just go and find out how much ~300TB of bandwidth a month is, as that is what I use hosting DayZ mods.

    @thxbirdman Any suggestions?

    @markb You make a mod and then you have a right to complain about other mod author! Rude prick.

  • I don't think an official announcement or week interim with both mods on the launcher would have made a lick of difference, I mean you guys can look back at the release and announcement threads on this forum and the epoch forum, it's page upon page of the same whining as here. At the end of the day, this is how mod releases work in ArmA there is no good way to notify admins of the update other than pushing it.

    @acti0n_jacks0n As you said, you get emails from github, so you should have been able to put 2 and 2 together and started to update your server when we said 2-3 weeks in an ETA issue posted mid November. Not to mention that you needed to also ignore the test thread which was open for > 2 weeks without major issues reported; it's not my fault you're willfully ignorant

  • @maca134
    How much does it cost to run this launcher?

  • @maca134 Fuck you too Maca. I wasnt havent a go at you I get you need to host and its cost effective btw I do code and a fuck lot better than any of those idiots.

  • @markb said in Epoch 1062:

    @maca134 Fuck you too Maca. I wasnt havent a go at you I get you need to host and its cost effective btw I do code and a fuck lot better than any of those idiots.

    then by all means, go ahead and submit a pull request cleaning up and optimized code. But, if you want to call us idiots then you should at least use some sort of punctuation...

  • @icomrade Really!!! is that the best you can come back with? With all the fuck ups you lot have made I am amazed you don't hang your heads in shame. You call yourself a programmer? Go back to school pal and learn programming your code is so full of bugs I am fucking amazed it works at all.

  • administrators

    @markb If you so amazing at "coding" lets see some of your work! I bet its bullshit but please prove me wrong.

  • @maca134 said in Epoch 1062:

    @markb If you so amazing at "coding" lets see some of your work! I bet its bullshit but please prove me wrong.

    He's just a troll, probably has nothing better to do in life.