Sponsor fail

  • Never saw a single sponsored listing the entire weekend for my server after paying over 20 USD. Needed testers for a server switch deadline happening tomorrow local US east coast time...VERY disappointed. Sent private message to macola with PayPal info, etc, never received a message.

    -R. Ammons, JD

    Server: nashiracompany.com / (Server currently password-protected due to some testing. If you want to get in, please open a ticket on the website: www.nashiracompany.com)

  • Hey
    First off, I have added your Steam id to the listing, so you may login and view/change the details of the listing. (Top right corner to login http://a3.launcher.eu/)

    I have looked and you listing it being shown, it has had around 4500 impressions so far.

  • @maca134 Thank you for the reply. I never got a message back from you when I pm'd you, so you can understand my frustration.