Unknown Mods when doing Server Check

  • Not sure if this needs to be a request to list these mods again after the new Arma 3 update caused some issues, but I have been working on setting up an Exile server and am getting "Unknown Mod" responses when doing the Server Check to get my server to display in A3L.

    The mods this has happened to so far are:
    @UH-60 Pack
    @RH Pistols 1.11

    Could this be due to the naming convention for the mod folders / launch parameters?
    Is it because these mods have somehow become unlisted from A3Launcher and it simply doesn't recognize them even though they can be downloaded using A3L?

    A better understanding of how A3L checks your server mods would help me out a lot.

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    If the mods are steam mods and you dont include the meta.cpp the launcher wont register the mods properly. Alway ensure your server is running the Steam version of the mod (or at least copy the meta.cpp over)

  • I know there are other Exile servers running these mods and able to successfully be displayed in the server list within A3L. If you were to try joinging one of those other servers without these mods, A3L can and does alert you that you are missing mods required by the server and it will download them for you.
    These mods are not available on Steam workshop, but they can be downloaded within the A3Launcher from the 'mods' tab. Are you saying the I still need to find and supply the meta.cpp files for these?

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    Well i need to know the server ip:query port to check if there not steam mods. the mod.cpp and the meta.cpp (it steam) are important for identifying mods.

  • The server IP and query port are

    When I got home from work I looked at some of the other mods I use that were downloaded from Steam and I do see a mod.cpp and a meta.cpp file included with them, but I do not see one with RH Pistols. Looks like this meta.cpp contains a specific publishedID unique to the mod itself, so it can't be faked / borrowed from another mod.

    I guess I won't be able to use it, but I still don't know how other servers are running it and showing on the server list in A3L...

    (And by other servers I am talking about ones like [FMG] Exile Altis (PvE))

  • Strange. I had the folder and launch parameters set with the name @RH_Pistol_pack_1.11-A3 (which is the default name of the mod folder when it is unzipped). I just tried editing the folder name and launch parameter and made it @RH_Pistols and now the server check is successful.