A3Launcher Issues With ARMA 3 Update

  • I am working on the problem and hoping I will have it fixed soon for most people!

  • You broke the dayz launcher check/add server page now. It's asking for 1.78 version of arma 2 oa to be installed...there isn't a 1.78 version of a2.....

  • the problem has been fixed

  • @maca134 No it has not you have just made more 5 players in my group can not even use the launcher anymore since the 12th when your "update" lmfao went live. It takes weeks to load a server list, No more refreshing to find out the ping on a server as you have broken that also (worked fine the 11th i played daily).

    update If you want to fix it this worked for me and my friends REMOVE EVERY ARMA 3 MOD YOU HAVE THE LOT

    1. Reinstall the f*cking lot