Server not sponsor

  • Hi my another admin pay sponsored server not sponsor
    server :
    Payment info :
    Hello Jakub Gerbel,

    You sent a payment of £5.00 GBP to maca134
    ([email protected])

    It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
    [email protected]
    Instructions to merchant
    You haven't entered any instructions.
    Shipping address - confirmed
    Jakub Gerbel

    Czech Republic
    Shipping details
    The seller hasn’t provided any shipping details yet.
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Server Listing - The Good Old Dayz CZ[Humanity|Zombie|CUP|AI|TOW ( - A3Launcher
    £5.00 GBP 1 £5.00 GBP
    Subtotal £5.00 GBP
    Total £5.00 GBP
    Payment £5.00 GBP
    Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *MACA134"
    Payment sent to [email protected]
    From amount €5.94 EUR
    To amount £5.00 GBP

  • So, What is the issue??

  • Server not show sponsored server

  • Support Guru

    it will show based on the amount you sponsor (it stacks payment)

    504 impressions per day to 25218 impressions per day depending on how much you pay (£5-£250)

    On the lowest payment it means it won't always show in the list, but 504 times per day it will