you were kicked off the game

  • Every time i attempt at joining a server in arma 2 OA i will load in but then 5 secs later in the slot selection menu it says you were kicked off the game. I had everything working one night then the next morning it stopped with this error. I have reinstalled everything at least 5+ times. Please help me out guys.

  • Same here. I'm at wits end. I've done everything.

  • Fixed by installing arma 2 and arma2 OA on a completely different hard drive.

    Be sure to install arma2 then open.... THEN install arma2 oa and open.

    This was the only fix that worked for me. Apparently uninstall leaves some files that are not in the normal folders not the user local folder nor the Registry. I'm going to assume it was some steam file.
    Regardless, for me, installing to another drive worked.

    Hope this helps Armydog.